Welcome to our first blog instalment, it’s great to have you here. At Second-Hand Rackets we give you access to the highest quality pre-owned tennis gear from top brands like Babolat, Wilson and Yonex, at a fraction of the price. 

All of us here at SHR, share a genuine passion for tennis and are on a mission to make this great sport, accessible to everyone. 

Hear us out: average prices for just one racket can range between £140 and £220, throw in a £70 tennis bag into the mix and you are talking serious money, not to mention, if you have a tendency, as we do, to fall in love with multiple rackets and all accessories to boot. Bankruptcy! 

Enter secondhandrackets.com into the mix – pick up a high quality pre-loved racket (or two) from us for around £20-£99! You’ll be saving a whopping 70% in the process and some sleepless nights – it’s a win-win! 

What better way to try the latest tennis kit on the market in a cost-effective and guilt-free way right? And for those of you with little tennis prodigies in the making, we don’t need to tell you just how specific and expensive training can get: adequate lengths according to age and height to prevent arm injuries, six junior racket levels, from 21-26 inches … you get the picture and it’s not a gentle one for your wallets. 

Ditch the expense, go for value – have a good gander around our site and choose what’s right for you and your money. From the most sought-after models to the world’s top brands, accessories a plenty and a wide range of junior rackets, we've got all your tennis needs covered.

Ah one more thing before we let you go and explore: sell with us and rack up credits towards you next purchase and let others enjoy a pre-loved model. 
Happy shopping! 

P.S. check out our Yonex offer, grab it while it lasts. 

SHR Team